Sunday, 31 August 2008

Poulter finds his foot stuck in his mouth - Blames the media and their cheeky underhanded practice of reporting of what he said to them.

The wild card race has taken a strangely subdued turn, with none of the big four stamping their authority on it to make themslves bankers for inclusion. The biggest casualty is Ian Poulter, who after not coming to Gleneagles, really did need to show some form at the Deutsche Bank Championship, especially after shooting his mouth off over the past week, playing up his record and playing down others, ignoring the fact he's done very little since his Open runner up placing.

Ian isn't one to play himself down at all though, even if has just missed the cut by four strokes and finished 106h place in conditions where other guys were going very low with their scoring. It's the bloody media's fault.

"It's a joke, it's not the kind of buzz you want to play golf on, trust me. The kind of nonsense that's been in my head for a whole week is not the right kind of pressure."

Yeah, it's not fair what we've done to the lad, why did we force him to go to america to play this week. Not only that, but the blasted media went and printed verbatim all the misguided comments that they tricked him into making, and then made him read it and listen to it, not allowing him to concentrate on his game.

"It's so mentally draining to listen and read all the 'BS' all week. You've read it. You wrote it. Some of you might be guilty or not, I don't know. But boy, what a hell of a week. I'm spent, exhausted. I didn't want to finish the last two tournaments like this (missing cuts), so we'll have to see."

We will have to see. I don't reckon that Faldo could or should pick Poulter now. If he does, the media will rightly not let the story drop. He might have been within his rights to go to america and not play gleneagles, but he should have kept his mouth shut. Instead of trying to use one of the few statisitics which portray his season as being the best of the potential wild cards, his accumulation of Ranking points, the vast majority coming from that Open finish, instead of picking a fight with Monty with some backhanded slagging, he should have done what he planned to do, tried his best, and said nothing. Now, it really would look as though he'd had the nod from Faldo beforehand if he gets picked. And I'm fairly sure those last comments would leave a large number of journalists sharpening their knives. Maybe he'll learn from this, but somehow I doubt it.

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