Tuesday, 5 August 2008

You know it's bad when Willie Nelson's on your Case...y

Have you ever felt really embarressed? Really low? Like the whole world hates you? Well don’t go crying to Paul Casey. I was just reading up on the furore about his anti-American comments, which were wildly mis-quoted, exaggerated and taken out of context in his defence when I found this glorious little nugget and I had to share it.

Here’s the background to what I mentioned in my last post. Casey, speaking of the U.S. Ryder Cup team before the 2005 World Cup, told The Sunday Times, “Oh, we properly hate them. We wanted to beat them as badly as possible.” He also spoke disparagingly of Americans in general, “the vast majority of [whom] simply don’t know what’s going on.” The tabloids simplified Casey’s statement as “Americans are stupid. I hate them” and it snowballed from there. This prompted Titleist to end his sponsorship and despite receiving support from American golfers who saw it had gotten out of hand, anti-Casey sentiment grew across the US and before the end of the year Casey had received over 300 death threats bearing US postmarks.

So, how bad would you feel if you were in the centre of an international PR and media disaster, had been sent over 300 death threats, lost sponsorship, were getting severely heckled at American tournaments and then found out that Willie Nelson of all people had gone up on stage and said this about you -

“This one goes out to that limey buck-toothed golfer, whose overbite extends considerably further than his drive”

Ouch. Willie frickin’ Nelson HATES YOU and he’s telling the world about it. That is a low, right there people. Could you cope with that? Waking up every day, knowing that Willie Nelson hates you? I’m pretty sure Paul Casey has probably spent quite a bit on his teeth (they’re quite white and quite a mouthful, if they charge by the square inch it would add up) which makes it all the worse. If Paul Casey can live with Willie Nelson’s ire, maybe he should be in the Ryder Cup team.

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