Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ahh, so they did spend some money on decent outfits... my bad...

Okay, my earlier assessment of the American clothing appears to have been a tad premature. It seems they have gone with a bit of colour after all, and it doesn't appear to be quite as budget as the white get-up they practised in yesterday. Slightly more dapper Navy Shirts are Azinger's choice, conservative but not a disaster by any means. Teamed with a good old tan coloured slack, it's not a bad outfit really, if not the most groundbreakingly original. But then neither is Europes, not a vintage year for making fun of the clothes really. Unless we get some cracking suits at the opening ceremony.

Azinger may feel a little outdone by Faldo here. Unlike the European Captain, he doesn't have his own golf bag with CAPTAIN stitched into it. But then he might chalk that up as more evidence of Faldo's big head that he had one made.

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