Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Chad the Hutt...

Okay, it's a little cruel, I know, but it's uncanny. Those eyes, the fat jowls, the shape of his head, Jabba the Hutt is the spit of Chad Campbell. He carries a few more pounds though, I'll grant you that. I was a little surprised that Azinger plumped for Chad over Rocco Mediate, who would have been a massively popular pick after his US Open heroics and decent Open performance too, as would Woody Austin have been, but now I'm glad he did pick him.

It won't be lost on Star Wars that it was Jabba who took possession of Han Solo, after he was frozen in carbonite. Han Solo was of course the character that Nick Faldo's estranged twin Harrison Ford played in the movies. I don't think that it would be allowed for Chad to repeat this trick and incapacitate Faldo in a similar way, it's not in keeping with the spirit of the cup but US fans will be happy he can snare a few points from his team this week.

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