Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Faldo plumps for a rhapsody in light blue - let us all pray we're gonna get bright blue tuxedos at the starting ceremony

So, it's the moment we've all been waiting for, what combinations will Nick Faldo go with for the Ryder Cup? Today we got our answer - the players and their captain, resplendent in a striking Pale Blue polo shirt and jumper combo, charcoal grey slacks over some white golfing brogues. Tasteful, elegant, if a little harsh on the eye when they're all bunched together like above. It's not gimmicky or outlandish, but it looks good. Job Done Nick. Apparently it was his ex-wife that Faldo turned to for fashion advice when choosing the clothes for this years event and the lady would appear to know her stuff.

Faldo has his own Golf bag too, a nice souvenir for him to have, with CAPTAIN emblazened on it in large letters. I guess if nothing else it gave him something to set the trophy on for this picture.
If anyone was wondering what value there was in taking Ian Poulter along over Darren Clarke, he's displayed already how he can be a figure of fun for the others to mock, providing a much needed release of tension in the camp. Stenson can clearly see Poulter's terror that his hair may be disfigured from this little jape, but he knows that's what he's there for...
Faldo has already spoken of how he has enjoyed acting as "mother hen" to this bunch of 12 guys, and here we see him setting out what he wants them to do today. They've been sent out in threes to give the opposition little clue of the potential pairings (though some are still fairly obvious) and Faldo has stated his intention to use all 12 guys on the first day as Woosie did last time round. So far so good.

Pictures courtesy of Getty Images.

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