Saturday, 20 September 2008

Faldo tries to clear up the "droppings", says little in the end. Mickelson the Ryder Cup player is back with a bang...

Poulter and Rose finish off their win in the first match after their little stumble, 4&3 in the end as Cink yet again found water on the 15th and he and Campbell were forced to concede. The first poinf of the day is Europes then and the score for a while shall be USA 5.5, Europe 3.5, down to a two point lead for the minute at least.

Nick Faldo was grabbed by the Beeb for a quick interview and gave a quite incoherent little ramble about how they were all united and all that jazz. Yesterday was America's day and now they are determined to make today theirs.

When pressed on the Westwood shenanigans, he said that Sergio Garcia had come to him yesterday after the first set of matches and said he was shot and would need a rest. What about Westwood? He felt there was a need for fresh legs today, that he had 12 players who really wanted to play and he felt were good enough to play, but he can only pick eight so what do we want him to do?

Um, how about come out and tell us why you've done something very controversial Nick so you don't look like a spanner.

Mickelson drove into the woods on the 14th to let the debutant Oliver Wilson and Henrik Stenson take a one hole lead. Mickelson lead by four after six holes remember, that's the Ryder Cup Mickelson we all remember...

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