Thursday, 25 September 2008

Monty's got a few more new idea's; I say new, they're Paul Azingers

Further to the comments on Sandy Lyle for the captaincy that Monty made yesterday, I've found he's also been on about the numbers of picks for the European team. Well aware that if there had been four picks available for the team this time around that he probably couldn't have been refused a pick, not without a serous backlash from the media, Monty's putting forward the idea that whoever takes the job this time around, should adopt the system America employed for their Valhalla qualification.

"If it hasn't changed by then, I'll certainly be asking for that change by the time that I possibly do this job. Paul Azinger was very strong to go to the US PGA and demand a change. Having lost five of the last six a change had to be made, and I'm sure that will remain for the next captain. I think eight and four is the way to go."

Praising Azinger and sticking the knife in Faldo, Colin can be a cruel bugger...

I'm loving how Monty is setting the agenda for the Ryder Cup debates in Europe which shall undoubtedly ensue once the dust has settled from the Kentucky defeat. He spelled out hat we did wrong in the singles, told us how he would have done it; he's said how he sees Sandy as the next Captain, then Olazabal then for 2012 at Medinah, then we will get the man we all want for 2014; now he's set out how the team should be picked for us. Expect some choice opinions on the sort of clothing style Colin wants to see in future Ryder Cups and ideas for some Opening Ceremony pageantry in the next couple of days. He'll probably have all weekend to think about these things for us, he's having an awful first round in the British Masters...

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