Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Vijay's $10,000,000 arm needs some timely rest; Singh must now learn to count money one-handed...

Vijay Singh has succumbed to injury one tournament too late for Camillo Villegas. Had his injury taken him down before or during Sunday's Tour Championship, Villegas' win would have been enough for him to snatch the 10,000,000 dollar Fedex Cup jackpot from the Fijian's Hands. But despite having tendinitis in his arm Vijay wasn't about to let his grip on the dough slip, even if he was holding it with his tendinitis arm.

Now the money is in the bank he can put his feet up - he is to miss at least two months of action with his arm injury.

It rules him out of the Iskandar Johor Open, which starts on 30 October, in Malaysia and the Champions Tournament in Shanghai the week after. Questioned on this adjustment to his schedule moneybags Veej said

"I'm very disappointed but it's important I follow my doctor's instructions and do what is best for my long-term health"

You have to wonder what the big Fijian would have said had the doctor instructed him to miss last week, would long term health have taken precedence over long term wealth? A second opinion from his accountant would certainly have given him a clean bill to complete. At 45 though, it's a hell of an achievement for Vijay, you can't take it away from him. Besides, Camillo has twenty years on Singh in which to get himself the big Fedex funded pension.

Has there ever been a year where the old adage "Beware the wounded golfer" has proved so apt. Tiger wins the US Open - on one leg, Harrington has little to no practice after hurting his hand -wins the Open. Vijay gets tendinitis and wins the richest prize in golf. Big Phil will be throwing himself down stairs in the hope to get in on the act.

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