Monday, 15 September 2008

BBC slurs Faldo, claims his team are in beige trousers. Questions to be asked at PMQ's- should warnings be attached to articles by colourblind Journos

We're going to need a bigger plane, I can't even fit the bloody trophy in...

The European team boldly set off to conquer Team America on their own turf again today. The BBC website reported that

"They were dressed in brown zip-up jackets, white T-shirts and beige trousers."
If I May I would like to present Exhibit A, a picture of Padraig Harrington and Jose Maria Olazabal, in which we can see these "Beige" trousers of which they speak.
Now, unless they had a jolly quick change of trouser after this photograph was taken, or the editor of the article took it upon himself to photoshop the picture and change the colour, I'd say that in fact they were wearing a Dark Brown Trouser, something approaching a burnt sienna I would say. I do have an A level in art to my name, so I am an excellent judge of these things but I don't think it's harsh to say that whoever wrote this article had one job to do - accurately inform us of what the players were wearing. And they've royally cocked it up. If they're beige, then I'm the Duke of Wellington.

The attire of the players is the only thing we have to comment on at this stage of the week, the first little nugget we have to judge the captains on. Have they got them looking like a bunch of numpties before a ball has struck? It's crucial to the Ryder Cup that the players look spiffing from the Monday to the Sunday, it sets the tone for all that comes after Friday.

Nick Faldo appears to have done pretty well, the players look sharp but not too dressy - sports casual you could say. Perfect travelling attire. The pictures could be right out of a catalogue, the cameraman seeking a two guys having fun at the check-in desk kind of look, Jose and Padraig pulling that off admirably. Nonchalance personified. And the BBC would have you believe they were wearing beige; who the hell would send their team out with beige trousers. Um, well, quite a few captains would if I look back at the previous teams... But Faldo didn't, that's the point. The first little hurdle of his captaincy cleared with aplomb.

The BBC also managed to miss the fact that Padraig and Lee Westwood have clearly visited the barbers for the big match. As my mother would say "They got a good sharp cut", short back and sides, they mean business. It's times like this that I realise the world needs me to be writing this stuff, if I don't report it, Who Will?

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