Saturday, 20 September 2008

Westwood didn't ask for a Rest, Faldo's wife's been telling porkies...

Oops. The BBC having gone on the strength of talking to Nick Faldo's wife (she reminded them she is still his wife, not yet his ex, though they're no longer together but she's here with him, all very Eastenders) to say that Sergio and Westwood requested to be left out for the foursomes. They have just heard that apparently Lee Westwood has given an interview to American TV where he said he had not asked to be left out at all. Saying that he had blisters on his feet from yesterdays 36 hole slog, he said he wanted to make it clear to European fans that he would not have let a few blisters prevent him from playing in the Ryder Cup...

Just seen the quote now,

"It's the Ryder Cup and I would play with my arm hanging off. I never asked to sit it out. I never asked to rest. A couple of blisters are not going to stop me.

"But Nick is the captain and he wanted some fresh legs out there. At the end of the day it's a team and we have to play as a team. It's very difficult to sit it out because you can't do anything about it."

This has been handled quite terribly, with no warning given to the media as to what the pairings would be this morning, they've been at a loss to explain why the two Eurostars were left out. Faldo could really do with having a word with someone to get the story cleared up as it's adding fuel to the fire of the journalistic hatchet job being orchestrated against him. Don't let the wife mislead the media Nick... He's just been quoted as saying the days of players playing all five matches are over, so will Padraig get to rest his weary legs this afternoon?

At this point, Poulter and Rose are back to two holes ahead after dropping a few in quick succession. Surely they can't throw away another massive foursomes lead? Rose is struggling and Poulter has pretty much been doing it all himself again today and desperately needs Rose to pick up the pace now...

Mahan and Leonard got it back to evens with Jimenez and McDowell on 12, in what is a very tight affair, no one being able to take the initiative but a short putt by McDowell on 13 popped them right back ahead. Still, it's too close to call.

Having been four down after 6, the newbie Oliver Wilson and Henrik Stenson have amazingly fought back. As I write, Mickelson is out in a forest somewhere, with Europe on the green. It seems certain to be Europe's hole which will make it all square after 11. Mickelson and Kim made up three shot deficits twice yesterday and are now getting a taste of their own medicine. Incredible stuff.

Harrington and Karlsson are 2 down but they were 4 down and are going in the right direction.

And just as I'm about to post this, Poulter and Rose get it back to Three up, they've stopped the rot, bring it home boys!

Cink/Campbell v Poulter/Rose (Europe 3 up after 14)
Leonard/Mahan v Jimenez/McDowell (Europe 1 up after 13)
Mickelson/Kim v Stenson/Wilson (US 1 up after 10)
Furyk/Perry v Harrington/Karlsson (US 2 up after 9)

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