Monday, 22 September 2008

Westwood reveals foul mouthed fans were about at Valhalla, but takes nothing away from the victors.

Lee Westwood has spoken out once more about being unhappy with the conditions he had to play under this week, but this time not complaining of the rabble-rousing antics of (I hope this is safe to presume) the least attractive cheerleader in America, Boo Weekley. What upset him more than that was the personal comments thrown at him from nameless faces in the crowd.

"That's the only negative part of the week for me, I have been abused from start to finish. Some of the stuff that's been said to me this week is shameful."

Not sure it should be the only negative Lee, you had a pretty poor week by your high standards but when he further explained the treatment he received from the fans it became clear that he had a fair point. He compared it to the infamous incidents at Brookline, where things degenerated to the extent that Montgomerie was called the c-word on one of the tees, the fours letter one, not Colin...

"1999 was fine for me. The last day it got a little out of hand but before then it was largely fine."

If it was worse than Brookline, it certainly wasn't reported as such, andI think it would be vastly unfair to make out that this was anything other than a competition that was generally very well supported and played in a good spirit. But why weren't the people abusing Westwood dealt with. There was only one man removed from the course the whole time and that was a particularly stupid photograoher who clicked while Phil Mickelson was mid-way through his putting stroke. Apparently he tried to run off like a rat up the proverbial drainpipe before officials nabbed him; I would have loved to have seen that.

Westwood informed the media that one abusive comment at Valhalla was a "particularly nasty reference to my mother"... nice. That the guy who said it got to stay on and keep watching and probably keep shouting filth which is a sad state of affairs. Why can't prats like him stick too their BOOO-S-A's and "Get in the hole" is beyond me, that's more than annoying enough.

Westwood was able to laugh that the old trick of ringing the team in the middle of the night had been rolled out, but that one group were a little off target, the bumbling troublemakers ringing his parents 4.30am on Sunday.

"They were trying to ring me but called the wrong hotel and got the wrong Westwood, it really upset my dad's preparations for walking around the course!"

He then went on to regale the media with his ghostly encounter, when an american fan attempted to unsettle him by jumping out in front of him between holes 5 and 6, dressed as a ghost with a sheet over his head, complete with a ghostly adaptation of the Booooo chant, clearly that made Westwood's weekend as he was laughing hard about it.

Westwood 'spooked' by fans' behaviour

He was also at pains to praise the performance of the American team and defend his captain Nick Faldo.

"I thought the pairings were pretty well sorted, we rotated well and when I saw the singles draw I quite liked it,

Hats off to the Americans for playing good. Ben (Curtis) certainly played well today, he must have been five under par in winning. And I thought Steve Stricker's putt on 18 last night was crucial (he holed for birdie on the 18th to deny Paul Casey and Garcia victory in the fourballs). We would have been within a point rather than two."

In the end he summed it up best when he said it was the players who play the Golf and hit the shots, taking the blame from Nick Faldo, who the Media are dying to pin it on.

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