Friday, 3 October 2008

Wee wonder Woosie wants to wule the Wyder Cup once more; Sandy Lyle, there's always next time... but don't get your hopes up.

Pint-sized Welsh wonder Ian Woosnam, has thrown his wee hat in the ring for the Ryder Cup Captaincy in 2010. Having been universally heralded as a great Captain two years back at the K Club in Ireland, his name has been continually linked with the job in two years time - it's in Wales, he's Welsh, it all fits. He'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing for the past few weeks but he's finally come out and said he wants it.

"I have put my name forward at the moment but it all depends if Jose Maria Olazabal wants the job. If he doesn't want it, I feel I would like the chance to have another go."

It's fair enough that he'd want to be Captain in his own county, and it would be a massively, massively popular decision should they give it to him. I doubt there is a more patriotic nation on the planet than Wales, witness the passion they have for Rugby. That passion would be tapped and available to flood and overwhelm the Americans at the Celtic Manor, as the course surges with waves of support for their wee Woosie.

One thing may stand in the way of this: the committee responsible for choosing the next captain shall be helmed by the Great Dane, Thomas Bjorn. Famously, he was not overly enamoured with the first stages of Woosnam's Captaincy.

Here's what he had to say after Woosnam had the temerity not to pick him, choosing that useless lump Lee Westwood instead (who would go on to take four points out of 5). I'll give you the whole extended whinge in all it's glory. 'dem's some mighty sour grapes.

"I'm shocked and have totally lost respect for Ian Woosnam My relationship with him is completely dead. It looks like he needs to learn how to be a captain. If the choice had been made only on competitive results, I could go along with it. But I'm in front of Lee in all the rankings, I have played better than him in the qualifying phase and then Woosnam bases his decisions on results which are more than five years old. I don't understand the way he is handling the situation. I hadn't heard from him for six months. I have spoken to several of the players who are in the team and they haven't heard a word from Woosnam either. To be captain and not even communicate with your team at all - it doesn't give you much respect. He came into the bar at the hotel and gave me 20 seconds about Lee having won twice at the K Club. In a bar. That kind of sums it up. He can't walk up to me, tell me in 20 seconds and expect me to be happy."

They've made up since then, it hadn't even bothered Woosie at the time.

"Hopefully when this blows over after a while we can have a few beers over it"

I'm sure Bjorn will be the very definition of professional and not let the chance for payback interfere with his voting. He's one of a 13-man panel to make the decision.

One man who will be less than pleased to hear this news, is long-time captaincy hopeful Sandy "When the bloody hell am I gonna get a go" Lyle. Continually overlooked, Woosnam's Scottish contempary was his Vice Captain in Ireland and yet Woosnam doesn't even appear to consider him as a serious rival, seeing it as clearly Olazabal's turn. Another kick for Sandy's ego, what a sad, fragile bruised little thing it must be at this stage. Poor Sandy...

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