Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tiger feeling stronger than ever - Mickelson's quote on hearing the news, unrepeatable...

To make the simple game of golf more challenging Tiger has take to sucking on a slice of lemon throughout his round...

Were it any other man, any other professional sportsman, any other professional golfer throughout history, you would have low expectations. And by low I mean you'd hope they hadn't completely forgotten what to do when it came to start again. But it's not any other man- it's Tiger. Only a complete numpty (that's Irish for feckin eejit) would expect Tiger to walk out tomorrow and play like a man who has been away from pro golf for the main chunk of a year. That's not what he does. Tiger is going to come out and play, maybe not like the invincible world number one that he was in the early stages of last year - before he won the US Open on one leg, taking the old adage "beware the injured golfer" to hitherto unseen heights - but he will probably play to he standard of at least the world number four. No lower. He'll be "Reteif Goosen" good, at the very least...

Remember at the start of last season when he boldly claimed he was hoping to go unbeaten all year and promptly went out and rattled off title after title until you thought, wait a minute he just might do it? It was a ridiculous statement to make, really, but then again not really that ridiculous, because it's him. It taught us that he's not a bluffer, if he's talking a good game, he's gonna produce one.

Then run down the bookies and put whatever you can scrape together in these credit crunch times on the big man cause here's his latest chatter.

"I didn't think it would feel this good, I have not known what it is like to feel this way before, so healthy, solid and secure, I am doing the same things I have always been trying to do but now I have got a leg I can do it on."

Christ alive, he's coming back being able to do things he couldn't do before? What would that be, exactly? Is he saying he's been just bumping it around within his limits, he can do more? He just missed three quarters of a season and still couldn't be caught in the world rankings, so good was his play before. Just what is he going to be capable of?

When he did the impossible and won the US Open, playing five rounds on an unforgiving course on a kee that was sickeningly audibly creaking you'd have thought that would be the moment that defined just how good he was. Maybe, now that his leg is strong and he feels truly 100%, we're going to find out just how well the game of golf can be played and just how good a fully fit Tiger Woods can be...


Monday, 2 February 2009

You heard it here first! Well, maybe not first, but before most other people said it...Wee Rory's gonna be big

Not content with winning in Dubai, McIlroy went on to place second in a Lionel Richie looky-likey contest

Hello again one and all -at this stage my audience is probably closer to one person than anything else. I've been away, starting a new job, moving into a new home and I've been unable to write anything due to a lack of internet access at said new home. You can blame the utterly astounding ability of British Telecom to bugger up installing a phone line. In fact I may have to start up a new blog where I hightlight how crap BT are and share the whole protracted three month saga to you all in intimate detail.

But the purpose of this article was not to state the obvious, i.e. BT are incredibly shite, even worse than you thought, really, they're shocking. Bulgarian Telecom probably have more satisfied customers. No the purpose was to give a big round of completely unbiased applause to the latest star to come out of Hollywood. That's Holywood "Norn' Iron'". My wee country of origin is rapidly becoming one of the richest sources of quality golfers on the planet. McIlroy, McDowell and Clarke could well be the backbone of the next Ryder side (which reminds me, I've got a lot of material I missed out on on the appointment by acclamation of Sir Colin of Monty as our next fearless leader).

I can remember commenting towards the end of last season how great it would be if young Rory could wind his way into the top 100 - the cocksure little upstart has made me look a conservative ass. Even if I'd been in the mood to make a really bold prediction I wouldn't have said come February he'd be striding into the Top 16. I won't hold it against him though.

The PGA Tourist shall be back in business properly soon, I hope you all eagerly await it. And don't forget there's ad's down the side there, theres a credit crunch on!

Ever the gentleman, Rory kept smiling even though he had justbeen down habitat last week and bought a much nicer teapot