Monday, 2 February 2009

You heard it here first! Well, maybe not first, but before most other people said it...Wee Rory's gonna be big

Not content with winning in Dubai, McIlroy went on to place second in a Lionel Richie looky-likey contest

Hello again one and all -at this stage my audience is probably closer to one person than anything else. I've been away, starting a new job, moving into a new home and I've been unable to write anything due to a lack of internet access at said new home. You can blame the utterly astounding ability of British Telecom to bugger up installing a phone line. In fact I may have to start up a new blog where I hightlight how crap BT are and share the whole protracted three month saga to you all in intimate detail.

But the purpose of this article was not to state the obvious, i.e. BT are incredibly shite, even worse than you thought, really, they're shocking. Bulgarian Telecom probably have more satisfied customers. No the purpose was to give a big round of completely unbiased applause to the latest star to come out of Hollywood. That's Holywood "Norn' Iron'". My wee country of origin is rapidly becoming one of the richest sources of quality golfers on the planet. McIlroy, McDowell and Clarke could well be the backbone of the next Ryder side (which reminds me, I've got a lot of material I missed out on on the appointment by acclamation of Sir Colin of Monty as our next fearless leader).

I can remember commenting towards the end of last season how great it would be if young Rory could wind his way into the top 100 - the cocksure little upstart has made me look a conservative ass. Even if I'd been in the mood to make a really bold prediction I wouldn't have said come February he'd be striding into the Top 16. I won't hold it against him though.

The PGA Tourist shall be back in business properly soon, I hope you all eagerly await it. And don't forget there's ad's down the side there, theres a credit crunch on!

Ever the gentleman, Rory kept smiling even though he had justbeen down habitat last week and bought a much nicer teapot


Jeff Goodman (Goods) said...

Dude... where have you been? Rory McIlroy and Ryo Ishikawa are going to be playing the Masters in April and Tiger most likely won't be.

Glad to see you're back writing, keep it up!


The PGA Tourist said...

Glad to see someone has missed me, Cheers Jeff! What with starting a new job, moving house and the most protracted installation of a phoneline ever leaving me without internet, the site has been on hiatus, I plan to resume normal service from now on.

I've loved the Rise of Rory, and god how I wish I'd been writing when Monty was getting crowned captain of Europe, four years before he intended, I plan to revisit that before long.