Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rory and Tiger grab headlines but not trophies as Geoff seems to have this Matchplay lark licked

Geoff could not hide his elation that having just painted the front room in primrose yellow, the trophy came in Cornflower blue and would sit nicely on the mantel...

The gamble did not pay off. I was hoping for a big fat I told you so post here, where I could revel in my prediction that Tiger would come back like a train, sweeping all before him in a blaze of glory. One victory over B Jones might have been special enough back in the day, but it wasn't Bobby Jones he was playing - it was his namesake Brendan, not a scalp large enough to sate a public lusting for a bit of Tiger to soothe their recession pains. Tim Clark is a decent opponent to go out to though, make no mistake about it. I had expected him to be one of the South African contingent to really kick on and put the likes of Ernie and the Goose in the shade but he's not quite lived up to early promise. He's still a hell of a ball striker though - even a Tiger not coming back from a lay-off may have found it quite a tussle.

Still it wasn't the big comeback we were all looking for if we're all honest was it. It'll come though, it'll come...

And hell who needs old Tiger, when there's a new one on the scene. Screw you Woods, the world wants Rory! At least that appeared to be the take home message after this tournament. The world seemed to go a wee bit gaga for my young countryman, old hacks and wizened commentators sounding positively moist about this young prospect. To reach the quarters of the biggest annual Matchplay tournament in Golf in your first start in America, as a nineteen year old, yup, that is something they should be taking notice of I guess. McIlroy has been on the sticky receiving end of the most gushing of reviews this week; speculation of what is to come in his career is reaching hyperbolic levels. The Big Easy himself came over all "Kind Uncle Ernie" as he tipped Rory to be the next world number one.

You can see why everyones so excited though. With his admittedly goofy looking tousled locks, his lazy lope on the one hand and his frankly awe-inspiring shot making, the magnificently clean way he strikes every shot on the other, it seems like a boy is out there doing a man's work. And world No.16 already, that's a pace that few have matched in recent times. And he just looks like he's ready to build on it.

But neither of these lads won the bloody thing did they? No, cause only one man seems to turn up at this tournament these days, and that's Geoff Ogilvy. The Australian is now world No.4 due to the win, and he may just be the most unheralded fellow to occupy that spot ever. No one ever touts Geoff Ogilvy for a title. No one ever says "I tell you what, I like the look of Geoff Ogilvy this week". But no one has to expect it, he just has to go out and do it. He knows how to rack up the matches and left this week with a frankly astonishing 89% win rate for the accenture. Thats better than Tiger and he's won it three times. Good on you Geoff, but somehow I think the future, much like this weeks golf coverage, shall not be dominated by you, but by the ongoing sagas of Tiger and Rory.

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