Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Jose Maria Olazabal decides he has not had enough of will-he-won't-he speculation. He's gonna take the piss a while longer...

Everyone thought Miguel was getting the pie in the face, but Colin played the ol' switcheroo and got Jose good and proper. Comic Genius.

After all the furious media speculation over whether he was to become the next Ryder Cup captain or not, Jose Maria Olazabal has clearly developed a taste for being the centre of Ryder Cup speculation.

Just last week we heard how he had been confirmed as the first vice captain by Captain Colin, in a flurry of gushing praise.

"Olly" as his mucker Colin likes to refer to him was to bo one of possibly many to be stnading at Monty's side, but on thing was sure, Jose was first chosen and unless he was playing then he was a lock for VC.
"One of them will be Olly unless he is playing. His first request to me is try and compete as a player, but if that does not happen, we have a pact that he will come and help me as the No1 vice-captain."

This statement, clearly stating a confirmed position for Jose must have really got the wind up his skirt cause he's rushed out today to pour cold water on these claims.

"I've not said that. It was news to me. I'm not sure. I've done it before and there are not many decisions to make. There's not much to do."

A decidedly undecisive statement from an undecided man from the sounds of it. Vice Captain is a bit of a boring bag it seems, so not only has he made Colin look a bit of a loose tongued wally already, he's gone and put everyone else off doing it as well. Nice one Jose, that's playing for the team right there.

What did Colin have to say after that then?

"I would love him to be playing on the team because the passion he brings is second to none, but if not he will be there in an administrative role, which will be vice-captain. I have had that conversation."

Jesus Col, what are you doing, no-one wants to be promised an administrative role, sex it up a bit, tell him you want his passion in the locker room, no damn it you Need his passion, you can't do it without his passion. Then when he rocks up in 2010, give him a pen and tell him to take down your thoughts and give him a slap for mucking you about.

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Onllie_the_best said...

Olazabal can go out at Augusta in two weeks and win a third Masters. Now this is a speculation, and it can very well happen.
Olazabal can be vice-captain in the 2010 Ryder Cup. Who cares if he is or not. Ollie is trying to get back on track and from now till the next Ryder Cup in 2010, hundreds of possibilities can happen. Lets' wish Ollie to play at the level he is capable of; like a Master.