Monday, 16 March 2009

Mickelson stays moist enough to win - comes through his dry patch with his first WGC

Mickelson requested the cup be filled with Gatorade and a straw provided, organisers said he had to have this photo taken first...

As Henrik Stenson was flapping around having an impromptu paddle in the muck to stay cool, like a swedish Hippo, Big Phil was embroiled in the heat of battle. A cooling dip of his toes might have served him well however as he needed trip to hospital on Saturday night after his third round left him feeling the effects of heat exhaustion. It can take it's toll on the best of them it seems. But Big Phil has never been one to let the fact he's been sweating too much stop him, he ploughed on regardless come Sunday, suitably remoistened and ready to go again.

A touch of heatstroke doesn't quite cover the obstacles that Mickelson had to over come to gain victory. Not only was he treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration the night before the final round, he didn't eat a real meal since Thursday and didn't get out of bed until 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, just over an hour before his final-round tee time. Poor Phil actually earned his money this week.

It makes it all the more impressive for a man who spent most of Tiger's hiatus unable to close any ground on the number one spot and seeing instead himself slide backwards in the rankings, to come out firing so hot now Tigers back.

It was a spirited performance from Mickelson, not usually famed as a man of endurance or someone who will play through the pain to grab the glory, more often we question how much he really wants it as he lopes around the course like Goofy the dog, but you got to admire this win. Especially with Nick Watney playing some very dangerous golf out there on his tail. Inability to take in what was going on elsewhere may have accounted for his coolness under pressure this time around.
"I haven't eaten much in three days, so I really wasn't able to appreciated what others were doing but Nick played some great shots and I was very relieved to come out on top"

We've all though he could do with eating a bit less for a while now, who would have guessed how true that would be.

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