Sunday, 12 April 2009

Early Round Four - Mickelson is charging, Tiger's miffed, Steve Williams hates Phil even more now!

Okay, so like you all I am absolutely glued to the Masters coverage right now. It's amazing isn't it, the flowers are lovely aren't they?

No, I mean they are lovely, of course they are but Christ, what golf. Mickelson is on fire! It was always going to be spicy with him and Tiger going out together but it's been incredible form from Big Phil. 30 on the front nine, equalling the record, and in what style. Cracking stuff. I haven't seen Phil play like that ever, and certainly not in the circumstances. Will it lead to a backlash from Tiger on the backnine, he must be fuming seeing what Micko's doing, completely overshadowing him. He did just hole a massive Eagle putt but still, it's Phil who's one off the lead and has everyone salivating.

Wee Rory has just came in 31, how much would any of them give for a back nine like that? That should be Rory around 20th in the tournament, a damn good showing in my book.

And what will be going through the minds of Cabrera and Perry, those roars thet've been hearing will have sent chills to their very bones... They'll be chewing cloth alright!

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Bobbio said...

News flash, Phil's ball walks the plank on 12.

Great stuff though. Exciting to watch finally.