Thursday, 9 April 2009

Gary Player, a truly great playist of the game, still knocking em dead at an age when lesser mortals usually are...

Ah the par three contest, what a joy it is, there's always some miraculous shots, holes-in-one all over the place a few cracking wee stories along the way.

Here's a link to the highlights of the pick of the shots from the bbc including a statement of intent from young whippersnapper Gary Player. Making up the numbers, a final farewell? I think Gary might have other ideas. Fair enough, he had just plonked it in the water seconds before but what a shot from the old master. It makes a mockery of the 10,000-1 you can get at the bookies on him for the championship, all that chat of he can hear the ball landing was just a rouse. And what a celebration, that's how you strike a pose.

Oh and look out for relatively young Old Greg Norman and his boilersuit clad caddie for the day, Chris Evert. Having inspired him to a top three Open finish last year, getting him back to the Masters, Chris still seems to be getting the Sharks juices pumping, as he was bagging a hole in one here as well. There's life in the old fish yet.

Rumours that Nick Faldo has been hitting on Martina Navratilova to acheive a similar effect are completely unfounded but amusing not the less...

And who's the unlucky so and so to shat on his chances before the tournament began? Silly ol Tim Clark - who can no longer win, not because of the curse that whoever wins the par 3 never wins the real thing but because even if he does well, he will get so pissed off listening to inane questions about the stupid curse that he will be unable to concentrate on golf anymore.

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