Saturday, 11 April 2009

A tale of two Campbells...

Due to a lack of internet connection being back in the bosom of my family home in Ireland I am making this post after the second round but it was written just after the first. Clear? - probably not...

So round one is gone and who would have believed the largest head in golf would be sitting atop the leaderboards at Augusta. I speak not in terms of ego, how could Chad Campbell have a big ego but in terms of sheer physical size. That thing must have its own gravitational field.

Unfortunately I was on a flight home last night, which of course was delayed and was unable to watch the majority of the coverage. So I missed the footage of Jabba the Hutt’s baby brother racking up the impressive score of seven under par. But for every Trevor Immelman wire to wire win around Augusta there are about ten guys who’ve had a storming first round to implode in the second. I don’t know about you but somehow I see Chad becoming one of the unlucky ones.

My Dad always used to say it when the name appeared on the screen as a joke, last night my mother said it seriously, “Where’s that Jim Fukyr from”. Lucky that we were not watching in polite company. Bless. A good round from gentle Jim sees him in fine fettle.

Slightly more predictable was the Campbell down at the other end. Streaky old Michael Campbell. I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there who have a favourite player not taking part this week bemoaning the fact they’re not there – in my case big Darren Clarke. What the hell was the point in inviting him to the party, he’s bagged his jammy major, give someone else a chance! He hasn’t made the cut here in nine bloody attempts!

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