Thursday, 16 July 2009

The bets that might have been...

Sometimes I hate gambling. Not on religious grounds or anything like that, don't get me wrong, I'm a gambler. It's the disappointments that really get to you. The missed bets. They're the worst. Like the canny wee punt I just missed out on last night. Offering Each way 1/4 odds to 7 places on Paddy power yesterday I had a ponder at some of the big outsiders. There were a few tempters there, and the one I plumped for as the big outsider was a player I don't even like. Michael Campbell, a former Major Champion no less, out at 750-1. I don't like him, precisely for the reason I backed him. He is for 90% of the time a nothing player, but then, out of nowhere he gets hot, and I was hoping he'd get warmed up a little this week. Wrong. Unless something drastic happens overnight, perhaps involving a a Tin Cup style coaching tip such as putting all his change in his right pocket to balance him out, Campbell is gone. And so are my few pennies (I never said I was a "big" gambler!) Maybe I should send him a few extra pennies for his right pocket to sort him out, it could be a shrewd investment.

The other big outsider I had a pop on was David Howell, so unfortunate that he finds himself quoted at 500 -1 these days, were it not for his back injury setting him back so much, with his talent he should be where Paul Casey is these days. He's faring a lot better though and it's looking a canny wee bet.

The proper bets I've had include the Northern Ireland trio, Clarke (who I have to bet on out of tradition now), McDowell and the Rorinator himself. (does that work, I might uses it for a while, see if it catches on). Then Westwood, who is just the model of consistency just now - if only he could chip! Poulter too, so improved over this past year, he has to be worth a look. All each way, some of them have to be in the mix come Sunday. Oh, the other bit of value I saw, Petterson, 300-1, he's better than that price, surely?

The bet I had a little chuckle to myself over was a 1500-1 shot. I almost put a few pennies on it before chiding myself for thinking foolish thoughts on. "Don't be getting carried away on a flight of fancy, he's 59 for gods sake". I should have known better than to doubt Tom Watson...

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