Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sandy's Sour Grapes

It's the classic tactic of a child caught by momma with his hand stuck in the cookie jar - point out that your brothers been stealing from her purse.

In the latest twist in the Bitter saga of the Ryder Cup captaincy, Sandy Lyle has stooped to a fairly low level, taking a swipe at Monty's integrity.

Questioned as to whether his decision to walk off after 10 holes of last year's Open cost him the captaincy, Lyle dragged up an incident at the 2005 Indonesian Open.

"Monty dropped the ball badly and that is a form of cheating," said Lyle. "What he did was far worse."

And to think just a few weeks ago, Gary player had been touting him as without doubt the man for 2012. Maybe if he'd kept his trap shut that might have been the case. But poor old Sandy's clearly hurting. Colin had been a true champion of Sandy's cause for many years, always pushing on how he'd like to see the elder Scot at the Ryder helm. But the quick installation of Monty as captain at Celtic Manor has soured relations. Best buds now barely break breath to eachother.

"I rang him a few times after the decision but didn't get a reply," said Lyle.
"I got a letter but I had the impression it was written by his manager, Guy Kinnings. He (Montgomerie) is a bit aloof sometimes. He disappears. Playing on the regular Tour you don't see him much."

It's all a bit tragic really, but you have to say, Sandys well and truly done a number on himslef this time.

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