Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tom feels his age when he's putting, at least there'll be no young pups for him to beat his week...

Tom Watson has come out and admitted that when it comes to the clutch putts, he starts to feel like the 59 year old he is. It's always been the area of the game which seems to catch the old pros out, they lose a little bit of the bravery of old and the nerves jangle and the knees knock. And that's what Watson feels ultimately cost him a huge place in the record books. However he was glad to have shown that there is indeed plenty of life in the old dog yet.

"I don't deal with the pressure quite as easily as I used to, especially with the putting stroke, but last week was a confirmation that I can still play with the kids on certain courses."

Very true indeed, the Masters may be too much of a long driving competition for him to challenge but the like of the Ailsa Course, where strategy outweighs brute force, gives him a fighting chance. Even now.

Which begs the question, why have we spent the last decade or so adding hundreds of yards to the finest courses in the world to "Tiger proof" them - just let the grass grow. A few extra heights and hollows and your course is safe from embarrassment and will root out the man with the brains to play it. If it led to more weeks like last then I'd be all for it.

The fun doesn't stop for Watson, as he said himself "I'm going right from the frying pan into the fire." The Senior Open is this week at Sunningdale, and he's not in the mood for resting on his laurels just yet. he'll do that on Wednesday.

"I thought about not playing a practice round, but no. I'm in good health. I'm 59 and not hurting, as I did last year with my hip, it feels great. You learn how to pace yourself. On Wednesday I'm taking a day off, which is like taking a nap and naps are really good at my age, I assure you."

I wonder if he's 1500-1 this week...

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