Sunday, 9 August 2009

Exciting times as the big boys strike form

It was a real treat for golf fans yesterday as two giants of the game who have both been struggling for form found it in a big way at firestone. Padraig harrington has been all over the place with his driving of late, as the changes to his swing which he has made have struggled to bed in. Yet it seems to have clicked for him in a big way this week as he goes in to the final round atten under and looking like the champion of old. He has certainly gained some length off the tee if perhaps sacrificing accuracy but it seems to be giving him that next step which he thought his game required. The last few months have been a struggle but it seems to have enhanced his powers of recovery. He's produced som mercurial shots this week to keep the momentum going and it is a talent which will stand him in good stead.

A fine 65 from tiger woods puts him in the final group today as well, a final pairing to get the juices going if ever there was one. The control he had over his shot making yesterday was as good as I've seen from the great one. As butch harmon said in commentary if he kept using that left to right shot shape there would be no reason he should ever lose.

It's a contest we have all been looking forward to for some time and it would surprise me
at all if this was just a warm up for an epic battle between the defending harrington and the predatory tiger at the uspga next week. It should be a humdinger!

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Brian said...

I think that Padraig Harrington is a breath of fresh air. I just wish that he would play more tournaments here. His game when on, rivals any American player and his steely determination can cause his rivals to simply wince under the pressure.

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