Friday, 30 October 2009

Each hold back to see what the other is going to do as the Race to Dubai gets cagey.

The organisers of the Volvo World Match Play Championship at Finca Cortesin GC must have been licking their lips at the prospect of the four guys currently fighting it out in the Race to Dubai going head to head this week. They probably have a bit of a sour taste in their mouth now however as they watch the four main protagonists propping up their respective tables.

They're just not playing ball.

Saying that, McIlroy and westwood are having better luck in this mornings matches, it may kick into life soon....

Monday, 26 October 2009

The race is on anyone can still win, any one of four people (thought in all likelihood it's not gonna be Paul Casey - and you'd fancy Kaymer to choke)

We're rapidly approaching the zenith of the most exciting race ever to take place in the history of European Golf. It's safe to say thatThe Race to Dubai has truly captured the imagination of accountants of european professional golfers all over the globe. And it couldn't be any hotter up there at the top.

Ideally, the race has been kept as Open as possible between the four contenders still vying for the prize (coinkydink? me think not...). Messrs Westwood, Kaymer, Casey and McIlroy are each in different groups for the World Matchplay at Finca Cortesin, setting up a potential four way battle. Here's the standings at the moment.

European Tour Race to Dubai
1 Lee Westwood Eng 2,241,940 euro
2 Martin Kaymer Ger 2,155,765
3 Rory McIlroy NI 2,032,695
4 Paul Casey Eng 1,965,150
5 Geoff Ogilvy Aus 1,606,805
6 Oliver Wilson Eng 1,533,534
7 Ross Fisher Eng 1,524,347
8 Simon Dyson Eng 1,395,317
9 Angel Cabrera Arg 1,385,499
10 Soren Kjeldsen Den 1,240,053

I have a feeling it's more of a three horse race, with Casey coming back from injury it'll be a big ask for him to compete. McIlroy has shown already in his short career that he is quite a handful in the matchplay format, I fancy him to go well and close the gap at the top.

These boys should be aware thought that they need to make hay while the sun shines, with the USPGA tour chief off sniffing around the emirates, the prizefund may not be around for too much longer.

Monty held his grin as he received the Vardon trophy despite Faldo's derogatory chant of "It's not a f***ing Major"

But it wasn't always such fantastically corporate thing. In days of yore men battled it out for the Order of Merit - get that, "merit" - awarding acheivement throughout the golfing year. Less mercenary times those... Granted it was still about the accumulation of vast sums of money (shamefully exposing just how blooming rich those guys are) but there was no huge pot of gold sitting at the end of an oily rainbow back then. Handily I've supplied you with a list of the previous winners, back when it was about the glory (and only partially about the money), such things need to be documented for posterity. It's all part of the service.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Tiger does it for Freddie - world rejoices to see Couples smiley face

Kim smiled through gritted teeth as Freddie's vice like grip made powder of his bones - Couples will not stand for flouting of Golf Cart Health and Safety Regulations

If anyone was going to get the best out of Tiger Woods in the midst of a team format, Freddie Couples was surely that man. If you're doing it for Freddie, you're not gonna want to let the man down. The thought of a crestfallen Fred would be too horrible to contemplate, no, you must strive to make sure you're putting a rosy smile on those cheeks.

Which is why I was less than surprised to see Tiger rip it up at the Presidents Cup. The Couples Factor dictated he would do so. Also, asides from being effortlessly motivational just through his sheers lovability (you wish you were huggin Fred right now, don't you) there is also the sage captaincy he shown. All Tiger wants is to be sent out with a wise old hand who is not a major rival or potential rival for media attention - step forward Steve Stricker.

So relaxed was El numero uno, that he hadn't realised he'd bagged the momnetous "winning" putt.

"Did I really? I had no idea," he said when it was pointed out to him that he just won the trophy for his team. "I was just trying to get my point."

You see, he doesn't really give a pish about whether the team won, it's all about Tiger. Maybe that shall be the secret that Corey Pavin can employ to get more out of him at the Ryder Cup. Make it a personal competition for him. Make him chase the individual points record, point out that he has the oppotunity to go flawless in the Ryder stright after a flawless Presidents. Put up a big post comparing his crappy record to the journeymen down the years that racked up points for fun. Cause there's only won thing you'll be able to get him interested in and that's winning for him...

Getting the chance to put one over on Yang may have had something to do with it too...

Thursday, 8 October 2009