Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tiger, he's only human. Who knew?

I’ve been reluctant to make any kneejerk, reactionary comments over the recent occurrences inTiger Woods personal life. Mainly I feared the wrath of the millions of ardent Woods fans who believe that bit when he walks on water in his 09 advert was actual documentary footage. I’ve been waiting to hear some sort of statement from the great man himself or to hear a few more details perhaps from the police report. The fact that it’s been over 48 hours and we’ve heard little more than the bare bones details of the intial police report makes it tough to sit here and not let your head start adding two and two together to make scandal… With all the stories and theories being bandied about, it’s hard not to, I don’t buy most of them, especially the more salacious ones but I do have questions…

The biggest question for me is the fact that Woods has put off speaking to the police in this manner. It only arouses suspicions all the more. There has been many an article written already, explaining how fiercely protective Woods is of his privacy and also how defensive he has become in his dealing with the media of late and this could well go towards explaining why Woods is reluctant to come forward and speak to the police. Any account he give will soon become public and he’ll be anxious to try and keep any revelations to an absolute minimum so he’ll want to be prepared for it but for now the deafening silence will remain a hotbed for rumours to grow.

But coming on the back of the accusations of an illicit affair with “New York Party girl” Rachel Uchitel it doesn’t look great for young Eldrick… I think it’d be a bit naive to believe the “Pubic Enquirer” straight off the bat but coming on the back of those rumour mill reports it lends a bit of credence to the accusation. I did think that the quotes of how Tiger was apparently promising to leave his wife, the beautiful Elin, and his two young children made the story sound too preposterous to even acknowledge. I mean this is a women who made similar allegations about David Boreanz not so long ago. Yes, David Boreanz, of Bones and Buffy fame. Clearly not getting the attention anticipated from this foray into the tabloids, she cranked it up a notch or ten and went for the most famous sportsman on the planet. Now when I read that I was convinced there was nothing to it, surely to god a man of Woods stature doesn’t have to go chasing after David Boreanz “alleged” cast-offs? Apparently Rachel now denies any sort of affair with Woods but it’s clearly unsettled the Woods household.

But then the crash. There are a number of things which don’t add up for me. First there’s the where and why of this night-time excursion. I guess he wouldn’t be the first top rank sportsman to feel the need to go for a head clearing night time cruise. Lest we forget, Rocky did just that when he had argued with Adrian over his revenge seeking fight with Ivan Drago. But then Rocky chose a Ferrari, the perfect vehicle for such a therapeutic cruise, and had sufficient skill to negotiate the driveway of his mansion.

Which leads me to another little point which I want answering. He was reportedly in an SUV. He reverses into a fire hydrant, I guess if you did so in a fit of pique, you may well attempt to say to hell with it and drive on, but you’d be a bit more careful wouldn’t you when you do attempt to drive forward. There must have been something badly wrong for him to stack it into a tree. Then apparently the concerned Elin, comes running down, golf club in hand to smash the back window and rescue Tiger. It’s an SUV, if it’s so badly damaged that you can’t get the doors open and you need to smash in the back window, then I doubt very much Tiger would have gotten away with just some facial lacerations. It doesn’t ring true to me.

Plus, do you hear your husband having an accident down the driveway and run to the scene with a golf club? Did she run back to the house to get it or what was the deal there…

Basically, there are a lot of questions that are waiting to be addressed and the sooner they are the sooner Tiger can hope to move on from them. Whatever the reasons or answers I hope that he comes out the other side happy and well in his personal life and that any troubles he does have don’t affect his play on the course. Lest we forget, he is just a guy, seemingly going through some pretty average joe life issues just now. It’s just he’s not an average joe, he’s been nigh on a real life superman til this past week, only just been proclaimed the first sporting billionaire – it really does happen to the best of us.

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