Tuesday, 1 December 2009

As my ma would say, "Tell the truth and shame the devil"

Tiger is now getting some sage advice from an unlikely source on how he should handle the media storm that currently swirls around him. No less a man than the wild thing himself John Daly.

"The thing that Tiger needs to look at is, whatever happened, just tell the truth."

Amen John, you can never underestimate the forgiving nature of the public at large. As John McCain might have put it, Joe the plumber want's to know what's what. He doesn't care what you've done, just come out say you know what, this happened, if needs be say you're sorry and let's move the hell on with things. It's an attitude which has certainly served Daly well. There are few of Daly's indiscretions which are not in the public domain and does one man jack hold any of them against him? No, they love him all the more for it. Joe the plumber loves a straight talker. It worked for Letterman after all, they'll seemingly forgive anything Britney gets up to and love her for it and would Amy be so big without the Rehab?

Daly went on to advise Woods to coem to the tournament this week, and I think that's also a good idea, better to face the music sooner rather than later than risk attempting a Howard Hughes existence til next years schedule kicks off.

"Hopefully he'll go out there with his wife and his kids and support the sponsor of his tournament. The most important thing right now is for them to be together.

"He'll get over this. The family will get over it. They'll move on. Golf needs him. I hate for something like that to happen to anybody. I just want him and his wife and kids to be happy and for him to keep pursuing the goals that he had. Tiger's the biggest asset the tour's had in a long, long time. Whatever happened, as long as he's okay that's all that matters. Golf needs him badly... no doubt."

Truth John, the longer you leave it the harder it gets...

Any worries the sponsors may have had about Woods not being there have will no doubt have been assuaged by the knowledge that my countryman Graeme McDowell has stepped into the breech to fill the gap left by Woods. Our Graeme is a marketeers dream, news interest always spikes when Northern Ireland's third most famous Golfer is in the field... It's a fantastic opportunity for him to bag enough ranking points to get into the worlds top 50 again and take a spot in the Masters. I bet there are a few guys sitting around the 50 mark wondering how the hell his agent swung that for him!

The happy news for the sponsors though is that with Woods absence being reported worldwide, I doubt that so many people have ever been aware that the Chevron World Challenge would be taking place this weekend. That's why Golf needs Woods, he's pure Box office.

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