Friday, 4 December 2009

He's not the messiah - He's a very naughty boy!

And then a booming voice said "Let there be no false idols before me - as a precaution I've set up a website called TMZ to catch out the naughty false messiahs in particularly embarrassing and public circumstances...

I think we all feel a bit let down by Tiger, but some have invested more time and devotion to him than others and are feeling the pinch a bit more as a result. One such person is the pastor of Tiger's church.

The First Church of Tiger Woods - celebrating the emergence of the "true" messiah - has been running since 2000. Nine years. Nine years of celebrating one of the most amazing golfing talents the world has ever seen. It's a really funny website and is worth a retrospective look - it drives home just how highly we all thought of Tiger.

But in light of the recent revelations the founder and chief celebrant of the church John Ziegler has turned his back on Woods, his fallen idol. It's a pretty good barometer of the feelings of some of his most ardent fans. The ones who invested so much in following his career are no feeling the most disenchantment at his fall from grace.

The church is to be disbanded - the name of the website changed to "The Damnation of Tiger Woods" and the man who used to preach his Gospel has resolved not to write of Woods again except to cover the breaking tales of his "transgressions" as and when they come out. It's a full blown conversion from the evangelist to chronicler of his demise.

“After several days of evaluation, I have decided to disband the First Church of Tiger Woods (as indicated by the graphics at the top of this website) and I will not renew the TigerWoodsIsGod domain name when it expires in a couple of months. Any future commentary on this site (which may not happen at all) will be regarding Tiger’s failings in relation to his affair/accident debacle which continues to unfold almost by the hour."

“Because the First Church of Tiger Woods has been in existence since late 1996 and this website has been around since early 2000, you might think that such a decision might be difficult. In this case, it was not. Unfortunately, Tiger Woods has made it all too easy to realize that he is no longer worthy of any special admiration. “The events of the past few days have revealed Tiger to be a serial adulterer, a blatant liar and a selfish coward. While I am sure I will always respect his ability as a golfer, that was only a very small part of why this much-misunderstood website was created and why it became such a big part of my life. "

“As I have documented in my columns below, Tiger is clearly no longer deserving of being seen as a role model or a hero and he has needlessly squandered his unique potential to be a positive force in our country and the world. While I am relatively sure that Tiger will make a comeback from this sad episode and that there will be great moments for him in the future, I personally am done with Tiger Woods and I doubt that I will even care very much about whatever else he might achieve on the golf course (for someone who once vowed to make sure he lived until he saw Tiger get to 19 major championships, I have a hard time believing I can write those words with such ease).”

In doing so Ziegler seems to have broken in spectacular fashion the tenth of his commandments, a commandment which seems to have an almost freakish prescience to this weeks goings on.

X. Thou shall pay no attention to Tiger’s apparent flaws. (we at the First Church are sure that there are good reasons for Tiger’s over-commercialization, temper, choice of girlfriend, lack of college degree, conflict of interest with CBS sportsline, and acceptance of appearance fees through his deal with Buick. One can not question the will of God.)

There's been a lot of people who seem to still be resolutely keeping this commandment but I'm beginning to sense that the attitude of the many shall begin to follow that of his once greatest prophet in turning their back on Woods.

It think it's telling that the actual breaking point seems to have come from Woods no show at the Chevron World Challenge -

"Now, there is no doubt about it. Tiger Woods is a lying coward. Even after all the missteps of the past couple of days, if Tiger had shown up, done his press conference, finally told the whole truth, played his guts out and donated his winnings to to his foundation, it would have been possible to forgive him and perhaps eventually restore him to his place atop the lofty pedestal that he alone had seemingly been to born to occupy. We learned today that is not going to happen. "

I think he has a point. I think Tiger could have done himself a lot of favours by doing something like this rather than concentration on the poor attempts he's made at damage limitation. Amen brother John, Amen. Hopefully though when Tiger does get off the naughty step and back onto the course he can still appreciate him for the amazing Golfer he is.