Friday, 4 December 2009

In an alternate Universe, Woods might have got away with it...

The Tiger Woods Crash saga has not been a complete disaster for all involved. Just nearly all involved. Apart from those making money off the back off selling their stories there has been one entirely blameless beneficiary.
Yes, curious disciples of Tiger, maybe thinking that there is some small nugget of physics knowledge contained in the paperback which is the key to his success have rushed to get their hands on it. The author, John Gribbin, said he was "delighted that anyboy's reading my books. I just wish it was one that's still in print."
Here'es the blurb on what Gribbins back catalogue is about...
Best known for In Search of Schrödinger's Cat, an exploration of the mysteries of quantum physics still selling well 25 years after it was first published, Gribbin has amassed a back catalogue which ranges widely over modern science. His latest book is In Search of the Multiverse, which charts ideas about alternative realities from Hugh Everett's many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics to recent developments in M-theory pointing to a landscape of alternative universes in string theory.
Then at the bottom of the article possibly the best put down to come out of this yet -
"Perhaps Woods will see if he can find a universe in which none of this ever happened," suggested Gribbin.

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