Friday, 11 December 2009

Tiger Woods, Sex Panther. A big cat marriage made in hot love heaven....

So there hasn't been an advert screened featuring Tiger Woods since two days after "the crash". That's loyalty for you, I mean talk about fairweather sponsors!

I guess at least in the interim Tiger is going to struggle to attract new sponsors, until he gets back on the course and starts ripping it up again. Watch them come back in their droves then as the redemptive powers of another Green Jacket cover over his trangressions or another Claret Jug washes away his personal sins in the eyes of Joe Public. They'll be clamouring over him again like flies round shite...

But for the meantime Tiger may want to take advantage of his hitherto unknown prowess with the ladies. How about stepping into the brogues of Anchorman hero Brian Fantana and working as spokes model for Sex Panther.

I can see it now - "Sex Panther - it brings out the Tiger in you..."

I'm sure there's all sorts of clever approaches you could take on the whole Tiger/Panther angle. Let's hope that the rumours that money was exchanged for transgressions turns out to be unfounded - Brian Fantana sure as hell never had to pay for it. That goes against everything Sex panther stands for. That's why you use Sex Panther - so you don't have to! Let's hope another potential sponsor doesn't go adrift, he'll have to fill the Tiger kitty somehow.
Sex Panther is available for purchase at more than just your local illegal chinese product emporiums - it's gone mainstream - an event which may explain a recent spike in birthrates


john wall said...

Tiger Woods main priority in life is clearly golf and always has been. If he was truly a family man, he wouldnt have behaved the way he did and jeopardized his relationship with his wife and kids.

Kewl said...

Stop being a sissy. The tiger prowled,got caught and now needs time to rest and claw many new challenges. He will be back all u jealous loosers so be ready maybe he will paw u a autograph.