Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sweet Jesus - low score shattered in Dubai - they've gone so low it's a limbo show!!! Muted response from BBC suggests they know nothing about golf...

Print this out, put it on your wall, make a t-shirt with it, treasure this momentous day in sporting history

In all my years I have never seen a more exciting start to a tournament than the one which the BBC have just reported on at the Dubai Desert Classic. Not only have we got a six way tie for the lead including rising supertar Rory McIlroy, in-form Saffa Charl Scwartzel and um Stephen Dodd amongst others, but they've each gone an broken one of the last great barriers on the European Tour. No one has previously bettered 60 shots in a round before - Darren Clarke one of the holders of that record having hit it twice. But just look at that leaderboard - No fewer than SIX players getting around in 15 UNDER PAR! 57 shots - the lowest round on the PGA is 59!

Which is why I'm posting that screenshot for posterity. I'm sure one or two of the guys must have thought when they got to 15 under par they'd be streets ahead, but nay, such is the competitiveness on tour that there's six of them duelling it out. The standard is incredible.

Unfortunately they have yet to get round to updating their full leaderboard which is still showing them at only four under - repeating the mistake in the main article also - a frankly shocking oversight which has undermines completely the stunning acheivement of these brave lads and is a sad indictment on the level of attention the BBC is paying to it's golf coverage these days. Makes me sick to my craw, it really does.

Paul Casey currently lies joint seventh on three under, in such record breaking conditions, a pitiful score, completely put to shame by McIlroy et al. How will he get to sleep tonight.

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