Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rory and Tiger - may be cosy on the cover but inside? - they just want to get it on. (Not like that, you know what I mean...)

Tiger didn't appreciate what Rory meant when he said pull my finger - worse still, Rory had been eating cabbage and bacon the night before. You could cut the air with a putter....

It's just round the corner now and if the early exchanges are anything to go by, there might just be a bit of spice in this weeks Ryder Cup. Much is being made of how possibly the most talented (and most marketable) golfers on either side, RoryMc and Tiger have been having an exchange, which if you believe the hype could make for one of the most explosive meetings ever seen in the Ryder Cup.

It was quite a while ago when Rory made his comments, and the way he was playing at the time, it was true, any of the boys would have fancied taking on Tiger. Just off the back of the Bridgestone Invitational, after Woods' hacked it about like a pale shadow of his former self McIlroy said: "I'd love to face him" and to be fair to him he's stuck to his guns after a few more respectable appearances from Woods.

But there is no doubting that Woods has not taken kindly to it. Rumours abound of a locker room meeting where Tiger told the young Irish upstart to "be careful what he wished for". And there are certainly precedents of Woods upping his game should anyone have the cheek to talk up their chances against him before hand.

The clearest example was in the 2006 World Match Play when Stephen Ames told the press before his first round match against Tiger that he fancied his chances, "especially where he's hitting the ball".

The next day Woods won the first nine holes, seven of them with birdies, and had the job done on the 10th, a crushing victory. Asked for a response afterward Woods made no angry comments, simply saying coolly, "9&8", a score which really said it all.

A more cynical man may say it's a marketing ploy to sell more copies of Tiger Woods 11, with it's new Ryder cup feature, allowing you to pit Rory vs Tiger in Ryder style battle. Or an even more cynical old git might point to the fact that Tiger, for the first time since the franchise started, had to share coverspace with McIlroy. He's only just arrived and he's on his bloody cover, no wonder he wants to sort him out.

Really, when it comes to it, I can't see the pair falling out. Rory's just too affable a chap and does Tiger really need to go picking a fight with a young kid in the tournament which is supposed to be step one towards his rehabilitation? But aside from the words exchanged, wouldn't it be a hell of ding dong battle to see those two fighting it out on Sunday.

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